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The Supply Chain of the Future -
Future Supply Chain & the Skills that Future SC Mgt Will Require



Thursday, November 16th, 12:10 pm - 12:55 pm



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   12:10                    – Introduction

   12:10 – 12:45 PM --- Presentation ---  

   12:45 – 12:50 PM –- Q&A

   12:50 – 12:55 PM –- Closing Remarks

Richard Gendon
Managing Director, CfPM

The Supply Chain of the Future will be Different

We have all heard pronouncements about the future such as, “the future will belong to the quick”, or “the future will belong to the agile”, and we could replace agile with flexible, enterprising, adept, adroit, hard-working, thoughtful, smart, capable, competent, and on. Why do we care who will own the future? Because the future is the one place that where we all look toward living and working. That said, the future will most likely belong to those with an awareness of the likely future directions, and that can incorporate that awareness into plans to leverage the most likely future outlooks, while improving the current state.

With career horizons that look out approximately forty years, and business horizons that extend toward perpetuity, it makes sense to extend business planning horizons beyond quarterly, annually, or even three year segments, and for those looking to enter the workforce, it makes sense to extend personal planning horizons well beyond college graduation. However, in order to cast meaningful long-range plans there must be a fact-based meaningful long-range vision that can anchor the planning process. On October 24th Richard Gendon of the Center for Professional Management will supply such an anchor, discussing the future direction of Supply Chain Management. This presentation will cover those forces that will shape the Supply Chain of the Future, key elements of the future Supply Chain, tools that will be used to manage the future Supply Chain, and skills that future Supply Chain Managers will be required to master.

This Webinar will be an extension of the October 24th PDM. If you missed the October 26 PDM, do not miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights into the machinations that will form the 2017Supply Chain landscape in the years to come.

Richard Gendon, Managing Director, the Center for Professional Management has over twenty-five years of consulting experience that has primarily focused on two areas: Process improvement; and, On bridging planning to functional execution in both the private and public sectors. During his career, Mr. Gendon has been involved in developing strategy and facilitating organizational development in all aspects of supply chain and operations management across a diverse cross section of industrial segments that ranges from Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCGs) to agricultural processors. Currently, Mr. Gendon is the Managing Director of the Center for Professional Management a consulting firm that focuses on strategic development, turnaround, process improvement, and advancing operational capabilities with an emphasis on supply chain risk management and long-range planning. Additionally, Mr. Gendon also serves on a number of Advisory Boards and Boards of Directors, including serving as a long-time member of APICS-Chicago's Board of Directors.

The Center for Professional Management - With a focus on bridging Operational capabilities to Strategic plans the Center for Professional Management offers a wide range of management services and solution sets, including: strategic development, turnaround management, process improvement and operational capabilities improvement with an emphasis on demand planning, floor controls and supply chain risk management

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