Speed Cycle Time To Make More Money
by Ara Surenian
When   January 21, 2003 - 6:00pm (cash bar) 7:00pm (Dinner) 7:30pm (Speaker)
Where   Oak Brook Hyatt Regency
Cost   Members $35.00, Non-Members $45.00
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Speed Cycle Time To Make More Money - How to use cycle time to instill lean behavior and improve operational performance in all facets of an organization.

Of all the common operational measures, cycle time has the greatest impact on a company’s performance overall. Cycle time is fundamental to every organization’s customer satisfaction and financial performance. From your customer’s perspective, faster is always better. And for you, quicker delivery and faster billing mean more rapid collections, improved cash flow and increased profitability. The better an organization understands its true cycle time and the financial benefits it can gain by reducing cycle times, the more focused it will become on eliminating the waste inherent in its processes. Participants will learn from real-life examples, including a product manufacturer that saw cycle time drop from 32 to 7 days, with a corresponding 45% rise in revenue, 59% drop in inventory and more than 30% increase in gross margin. They will understand the components of a company’s business cycle and discover how lean techniques can eliminate waste and inefficiency within each component. Finally, they will learn how each drop in cycle time leads to significant positive financial results.

Speaker's Bio

Ara Surenian
specializes in improving operational performance for manufacturers and distributors. He is expert at implementing projects that achieve immediate results by analyzing processes, identifying inefficiencies and implementing change in operational design, production, and inventory management. Ara’s specialty is establishing a culture in companies that unites sales with operations to meet and exceed market demands.

Currently a key member of the consulting team at Jacquard Associates, Inc., Ara champions Operational Speed Projects for clients. He has held critical positions in quality, engineering, and product and operations management for Universal Superabrasives Inc., Raytheon Company, and Genrad Inc.

He is a frequent presenter at senior executive roundtables, workshops and seminars sponsored by Jacquard Associates, and for trade and management organizations such as The Alternative Board CEO Forum.

Ara earned an MBA with specializations in Strategic and Entrepreneurial Management from the University of Illinois, and a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Northeastern University, Boston. He is a member of the American Production and Inventory Control Society

About Jacquard Associates

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We are driven by a single, clear goal: providing clients with tools to improve business performance fast. Of course, we assess, we analyze and we plan, but most importantly, we transform Ideas to Action.
Jacquard customizes our projects for each client company. The result is a set of simple, proven tools for improvement that are exclusively our own. A client’s Ideas to Action may include:
• One-to-One Coaching, to develop mission-critical personnel.
• Wonderments®, highly revealing and effective mini-projects that demonstrate the impact of executing fundamental improvement opportunities.
• Profit Projects™, longer-term improvement initiatives tailored to the client’s needs and implemented by Jacquard and the client’s team.
Jacquard Associates also helps companies and industry groups develop performance improvement expertise through seminars, workshops and focused roundtable discussions.
Our client list includes manufacturers, retailers, distributors and service organizations. We work with both large and small companies. We find that the opportunity to improve performance is universal, and that most companies recognize the need to improve. Where most companies need help, however, is in executing. That is where Jacquard’s tools and experience help clients turn Ideas to Action.
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