Principles of Material Handling and Warehousing (PMHW)
Page Updated Saturday, July 15, 2006
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PRINCIPLES OF MATERIALS HANDLING AND WAREHOUSING imparts a basic knowledge and understanding of concepts, functions, structures, and objectives of warehousing and related materials handling, providing participants with a greater understanding of their roles and responsibilities in warehousing as they relate to logistics, the supply chain, distribution, and the impact on their business. Participants are introduced to identifying and applying the basic principles of warehouse management. Basic methods of warehouse design, equipment, packaging, order processing, transportation, and logistics information systems are among the topics discussed in determining best practices for defined environments.

Fundamentals (title change from Principles) of Materials Handling and Warehousing participants workbook Stock number 01189

SESSION 1: Warehousing Overview
SESSION 2: Principles of Warehouse Design
SESSION 3: Materials Handling Equipment
SESSION 4: Automated Materials Handling Equipment
SESSION 5: Packaging and Unitization
SESSION 6: Control Procedures - Receiving, Stocking, and Inventory
SESSION 7: Distribution and Order Processing
SESSION 8: Warehouse Management and Evaluation
SESSION 9: Industrial Health and Safety
SESSION 10: Transportation
SESSION 11: Logistics Information Systems
SESSION 12: Final Examination (Optional)

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