Fundamentals of Operations Management (FOOM)
Page Updated Saturday, July 15, 2006
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FUNDAMENTALS OF OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT imparts a fundamental knowledge and understanding of operation resource management and the factors involved in designing and operating a production process. Concerned with the design of systems to produce goods and services and the operation of those systems. Participants discuss relationships within the company environment and cover ordering, distribution, cost analysis, project planning, facilities planning, total quality management (TQM), and operations resource management.

Fundamentals of Operations Management Stock number 01808

SESSION 1: Operations Management Overview
SESSION 2: Transforming Customer Needs
SESSION 3: Design and Selection of Processes
SESSION 4: Design and Selection of Processes (Continued)
SESSION 5: Facility Selection and Layout
SESSION 6: Facility Selection and Layout (Continued)
SESSION 7: Midterm Examination and Ordering Points (Midterm is optional)
SESSION 8: Case Study and Distribution Systems
SESSION 9: Process Improvement and Optimization
SESSION 10: TQM and The Supply Chain
SESSION 11: Organizational Improvement and Performance Measurements
SESSION 12: Final Examination (Optional)

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