Cycle Counting for Record Accuracy (FOCC)
Page Updated Saturday, July 15, 2006
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This focused interactive workshop will provide participants with the tools and techniques necessary to achieve and thereafter maintain 98% inventory accuracy throughout the entire plant and distribution supply chain.

Poor inventory record accuracy can result in increased costs and related problems associated with:

  • Increased levels of excess and obsolete inventory.
  • Higher levels of safety stock.
  • Increased transportation costs due to expediting and premium freight charges.
  • Stock-outs
  • Reduced production efficiency and risk of shut-down.
  • Creating a barrier to successful implementation of Agile or Lean Manufacturing processes, MRP or ERP implementations.
  • Staging items for production to visually confirm component availability.
  • Incorrect data used to drive inventory replenishments systems (MRP, ROP).
  • Unreliable ATP information for service representatives.
  • Necessity to conduct "annual physicals".
  • Reduced customer service.
  • Low inventory turns.
  • Time sensitive product deterioration (shelf-life expiration).
  • Improper focus of resources.
  • Loss of proper cost control.

Though the solutions are relatively simple, inexpensive, easy to learn and apply, the cost reduction and avoidance as well as the revenue generating (sales) opportunities resulting from disciplined application of cycle counting techniques are tremendous.

Why not take advantage of simple, inexpensive solutions that are easy to learn. Develop and apply disciplined applications that will provide cost reduction and avoidance along with revenue generating opportunities. Observe the challenges and successes of other organizations in eliminating the waste of unneeded inventory with a cycle counting program. Walk away with a plan that will work!

This workshop will be especially helpful for Material Managers, Warehouse/Distribution Managers, Production Managers, Purchasing Managers, Stock Room supervisors, Production Supervisors, Cycle counters, Cycle Count Auditors, Inventory/Asset Accountants, Master Production Schedulers, Planners, Stockroom Supervisors, Consultants, Supply Analysts, Planners/Buyers, Production Supervisors, Inventory Asset Managers. The program is recommended for anyone currently working with and those considering implementation of or improvement to their inventory accuracy levels via proven cycle counting program methods.

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