Introduction to Enterprise Resource Management (IERP)
Page Updated Saturday, July 15, 2006
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The Introduction to Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) program presents material essential to the successful implementation of an ERP system. The course covers the historical evolution of ERP from its roots in material replenishment systems to systems addressing enterprise wide functionality. Introduction to Enterprise Resources Planning explores essential terminology, investigates guidelines for implementation, and incorporates a manufacturing case study to examine throughout all eight modules.

Session topics include

  • Introduction to ERP and the Benefits of Implementation
  • Developing a Business Case to Justify an ERP Implementation
  • Business Process Alignment
  • The Value Chain Process
  • Technology and International Considerations
  • Change Management and ERP Implementation
  • Implementing ERP
  • Expanding ERP

This workshop will be especially helpful for people from the public and private sectors. They may be from companies or government agencies embarking upon an ERP Implementation; or ERP Project managers; consultants employed as ERP integrators; or anyone desiring employment in the ERP integration field.

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