ERP ..... an Executive Overview (EERP)
Page Updated Saturday, July 15, 2006

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To read some of today's business literature, one may think Enterprise Resource Planning is as fundamental a business process as, well as Accounts Receivable. ERP, nevertheless is still a work-in-progress, both in design and in application. Today's manufacturing executives need to keep abreast of the scope and the power of ERP concepts to help them formulate their vision for today, and the future. Enterprise Resource Planning is a visionary process, understanding is a key to it's success.

  • ERP Evolution - Definitions
  • Execution Options
  • Providing Value
  • Implementation
  • Measurements
  • Change Management
  • Responsibilities

A six-hour overview of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) geared for the executive level of management which can be conducted in one day, two half-days, ot two evening sessions. Why ERP? What value can ERP add to your organization? What are some of the choices? When/how do we implement ERP? Is change management critical? What are the roles and responsibilities at the various levels? What should we measure?

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