Master Planning of Resources (MPOR)
Page Updated Sunday, January 6, 2013
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MASTER PLANNING OF RESOURCES explores processes used to develop sales and operations plans; identifies and assesses internal and external demand and forecasting requirements; and how to effect an achievable master schedule consistent with business policies, objectives, and resource constraints. The course focuses on developing and validating a plan of supply, relating management of demand to environment, and developing and validating the master schedule.

In addition, the course encompasses concepts for transforming sales, marketing, and business requirements into a feasible and economic operations plan in various business environments, It also addresses concepts and methodologies for managing projected and actual demands from distribution networks and external customers.

Finally, the course presents methods for integrating sales and operations plans, demand forecasts and customer demand into a specific master schedule.

Master Planning of Resources Participant Guide (ask APICS Bookstore for latest version)

SESSION 1: Business Planning Processes
SESSION 2: Forecasting Demand
SESSION 3: Demand Management and Customer Service
SESSION 4: Distribution Planning
SESSION 5: Sales and Operations Planning Processes
SESSION 6: Master Scheduling Process
SESSION 7: Managing the Master Schedule
SESSION 8: Validating the Plan and Measuring Performance

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