Detailed Scheduling and Planning (DSPL)
Page Updated Sunday, January 6, 2013
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DETAILED SCHEDULING AND PLANNING focuses on material and capacity scheduling and planning. It includes a detailed explanation of material requirements planning (MRP) a technique suitable for use in job shops. The course also introduces another material planning technique material-dominated scheduling, which is applicable to process industries and other mature production environments. The course explains capacity requirements planning in detail and introduces other capacity-planning techniques, including process-dominated scheduling.

Detailed Scheduling and Planning Participant Guide (ask APICS Bookstore for latest version)

SESSION 1: Inventory Management: Order Planning
SESSION 2: Inventory Management: Customer Service
SESSION 3: Information Used in the Material Planning Process
SESSION 4: MRP Mechanics: The Basics
SESSION 5: Using MRP Outputs
SESSION 6: The Details Capacity Planning Process
SESSION 7: Capacity Mechanics
SESSION 8: Establishing Relationships and Procurement Plans
SESSION 9: Establishing Relationships with Suppliers

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