CIRM Certified Members
As of Sunday, April 21, 2002

We would like to congratulate the following 18 CIRM members of the Chicago APICS Chapter. Certification data is supplied to the chapter by APICS on a monthly basis and is posted to this page but, due to the change of testing services, certification results for many recently certified members is delayed. If you have questions about your certification status, call APICS @ 800-444-2742.You can also sort this list by Last Name .

 MemberName Company 
 Ronald Voyda CPIM CIRM 
  James 3Breslin CPIM CIRM  Panduit
  Terry 4Horner CFPIM M  TNH, Inc
 Susan Grillo CPIM CIRM AT&T
  Eric 1Schaudt CFPIM M cNorthrop Grumman
 David Holly CPIM CIRM Global Recruiters of Old Orcha
 Kenneth Hunt CPIM CIRM Hallberg Management Consulting
 Richard Godin CFPIM CIRM Improvement Is People
 Daniel Martin CPIM CIRM Independent
 Mark Graham CPIM CIRM Inspirage LLC
  Michael 6Lihosit CPIM CIRM lShure Incorporated
 Michael Sheahan CFPIM CIRM M Sheahan Consulting
 James Breslin CPIM CIRM Panduit
 Stephen Epstein CIRM Prefection Spring & Stamping
 Michael Lihosit CPIM CIRM Shure Incorporated
 Patrick Delaney CFPIM CIRM SIBC Corporation
 Curt Hyzy CIRM World's Finest Chocolate Inc
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