. Any member allowing his membership to lapse longer than 30 days can be considered a new member when they finally rejoin. This is an APICS Society policy.

We would like to welcome the 26 new members for October-2015.

New Members for October-2015

As of Sunday, April 21, 2002

You can also sort this list by LastName

 MemberName Company 
 Christopher Ferness  
  Murthy 8Tennety 1   W W Grainger
 Maggie Turner  AFN LLC
 Xiaoqian Yu  All integrated solutions
 Emily Herkenhoff  Conagra Brands
 Yun Brown  Ebco
 Kim King  Elkay Manufacturing Company
 Sam Henry  Lucas Group
 Edward Murray  Madden Communications
 Magdalena Bielaski CPIM  Magdalena Bielaski
 James Strachowski  Morton Salt Group
 Anna Beardsley  N/A
 Derek Wooten  North American Corporation of
 Jennifer Hoger  Northrop Grumman
 Mary Kamin  Northrop Grumman
 Edward McMahon  Northrop Grumman
 Mahmoud Shaaban  Pepsico Beverages & Foods
 Maria Barrios  Pepsico Beverages & Foods
 Ryan Thompson  United Airlines (HQ)
 Michael Montag  USG
 Pete Buck  USG
 Daniel Tisch  USG Corporation
 Lodovico Spinabelli  USG Corporation
 Murthy Tennety  W W Grainger
 Erika Jones  WM Wrigley

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