. Any member allowing his membership to lapse longer than 30 days can be considered a new member when they finally rejoin. This is an APICS Society policy.

We would like to welcome the 29 new members for May-2018.

New Members for May-2018

As of Sunday, April 21, 2002

You can also sort this list by LastName

 MemberName Company 
 Gladys Garza  
 Blair Freedman  
 David Hettiger  
 Sanket Patel  
 Bethany Long  
 Julie Wheeler  
 Esthefania Shimer  
 Daniel Olejarz  
 Mouli Mahadevan  
 Robert Covell CPIM  
 Estrella Fornal  
 Joshua Graves  
 Kyongnam Kang  
 Ryan Mundy  
 Tim Kutz  
 rafal nawara  Chervon North America
 Kanokporn Ruangtap  Embry-Riddle Aeronautical Univ
 Meredith Cunningham  MillerCoors
 Ana Gilbert  NetSuite Oracle
 Jill Repp  Optimas OE Solutions
 Michelle Valdez  Rollprint Packaging Products
 Brandon Giesegh  SCM Connections
 John Ratliff  Stanton Chase International
 Isabela Sagarra  TMC - Division of C.H. Robinso
 Poornima S Suttraway  United Parcel Services
 Shay Debbs  Valent BioSciences (HQ)
 Stephen Wiest  Valent BioSciences (HQ)
 Steven Krause  Valent BioSciences (HQ)
 Jason Clark  Valent BioSciences (HQ)

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