. Any member allowing his membership to lapse longer than 30 days can be considered a new member when they finally rejoin. This is an APICS Society policy.

We would like to welcome the 21 new members for April-2016.

New Members for April-2016

As of Sunday, April 21, 2002

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 MemberName Company 
 John Mannix  
  Hansley 9Pais 5   Cornelius Inc
 Leonardo Santos  Aallied Die Casting Co. of Ill
 Josh Jacobi  CH Robinson
 Hansley Pais  Cornelius Inc
 Siddharth Benadikar  Crate and Barrel
 Jan Jesernik  Electri-Flex Company
 Reginald Plummer  Griffith Laboratories
 Sergio Navas  IFS North America
 Jennifer Schultz  ITW
 David Gutierrez  Julian Electric
 CESAR HORTA  MillerCoors
 Yvonne Yen  Paris Presents Incorporated
 Billy Anton  Rahco Rubber
 Beth Anton  Rahco Rubber, Inc.
 Robert Riboul  South Chicago Packing LLC
 Joshua Peacher  The Hackett Group
 Shane Weippert  US Foods
 Dennis Amato  Walgreens
 TERESA GRIEGO  Winchester Interconnect
 John Winzeler  Winzeler Gear

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