. Any member allowing his membership to lapse longer than 30 days can be considered a new member when they finally rejoin. This is an APICS Society policy.

We would like to welcome the 26 new members for March-2015.

New Members for March-2015

As of Sunday, April 21, 2002

You can also sort this list by Company

 MemberName Company 
  John 7DeFlorian 6  nOld World Industries, LLC
 Donna Camp  Chamberlain
 Hector Chairez  Lake Region Medical
 John DeFlorian  Old World Industries, LLC
 Jodi Dirks  Hospira, Inc.
 Jennifer DiStefano  Northrop Grumman
 Connie Doherty  Hyatt Corporate Office
 Archibald Durfee  Radio Flyer
 Julie Flores  
 Lucas Hicks CPIM  Hospira
 Adam Hofferica  PepsiCo
 YIYU KWAI  Deloitte Consulting
 Colleen Lettenmair  Scientific Games
 Mackenzie Meincke  Sherman & Reilly
 Matthew Mellado  Walgreens
 Kurt Mergen  PepsiCo
 Adam Miller  PepsiCo
 Maciej Niewiadomski  Hospira
 Unsal Ozdogru  UIC
 Frank Palisi CPIM  Caterpillar Inc.
 Thor Ruskoski CPIM  Carow Packaging (HQ)
 Brian Russeau  Hospira, Inc.
 Daniel Shank CPIM  SKF
 Wei Ten  
 Kristopher Tohovitis CPIM  Takeda
 Joseph Yalda  

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