. Any member allowing his membership to lapse longer than 30 days can be considered a new member when they finally rejoin. This is an APICS Society policy.

We would like to welcome the 26 new members for January-2017.

New Members for January-2017

As of Sunday, April 21, 2002

You can also sort this list by LastName

 MemberName Company 
 Michael Karner  
  Michael 1Karner 0  
  Ganesh Babu 4Parsa 7  
 Naomi Liu  
 Jeffrey Packard  
 Zachary Romito  
  Travis 1Love 0   RSM US LLP
  Ege 9Demirel 7   TMC, a Division of CH Robinso
 Anthony Brye  1985
 Robert Bahmann  Aspen
 Corlisa Lawrence  Coca Cola Enterprise
 Liang Tang  ECA International Corporation
 Ivan Martino  Essendant
 Lauren Reynolds  Grant Thornton LLP
 Kenon Bovian  Lawrence Foods
  Lauren 4Reynolds 4  oGrant Thornton LLP
 Jun Nie  PEER Bearing Company
 Ganesh Babu Parsa  Quinnox Inc
 Felicia Hornby  Radio Flyer
 Travis Love  RSM US LLP
 Rajat Chaturvedi  Tata Consultancy Services Ltd
 Ege Demirel  TMC, a Division of CH Robinson
 Haris Porcic  U.S. Cellular
 Tomasz Chwala  United Conveyor Corporation
 Tom Orlando  US Cellular (HQ)

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