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May 19th
Thu, 9:00a
Principles and Practices of Demand Management
David F Ross CFPIM
APICS-HQ Chicago

May 24th
Tue, 6:00p
S&OP in Today's Supply Chain - Executive Night
Douglas Kent
Marriott Suites Deerfield

May 26th
Thu, 9:00a
Supply Chain Risk Management
Gregory Schlegel
APICS-HQ Chicago

June 15th
Wed, 9:00a
Principles of Sales and Operations Planning
Anthony Zampello
APICS-HQ Chicago


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Upcoming Classes & Events

APICS Chicago is pleased to announce its collaboration with ISM Chicago. Welcome to ISM Chicago members - and for those interested in ISM Chicago events, please click on "Links" on the side menu.

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April 27, CPIM Class - Master Planning of Resources
CPIM CLASS - Master Planning of Resources - focuses on: developing and validating a plan of supply, relating management of demand to environment; and developing and validating the master schedule. Processes used to: develop sales and operations plans; identify and assess internal and external demand and forecasting requirements; and effect an achievable master schedule consistent with business policies, objectives, and resource constraints are examined and explained with the objective of presenting how these discrete, but related processes can be directed to form the cornerstone of an integrated business planning process. Classes will be held on nine Wednesday evenings starting at 6:00PM, April 27th at APICS HQ, Chicago.
For more information, directions to APICS HQ Chicago, or to register for classes Click Here.

May 5, Seminar Principles of Distribution and Logistics APICS in collaboration with APICS-Chicago
Presenter David Ross, PhD, CFPIM, CSCP, Senior Manager, Professional Development APICS
SEMINAR - APICS Principles of Distribution and Logistics. APICS introduces our newest one-day seminar, Principles of Distribution and Logistics. This seminar is designed to introduce operations management professionals to the field of distribution and logistics management. This comprehensive seminar is appropriate for both beginning and experienced individuals.
For more information, location, time Click Here

May 12, Seminar Principles & Practices of MRP APICS in collaboration with APICS-Chicago
Presenter David Ross, PhD, CFPIM, CSCP, Senior Manager, Professional Development APICS
SEMINAR - APICS Principles & Practices of MRP for the Manufacturing Planner seminar assists beginning and experienced planners to use an MRP system. Through classroom discussion and practical, hands-on exercises, this seminar will help attendees gain a firm understanding of the principles and functions of MRP in the manufacturing process
For more information, location, time Click Here

May 19, Seminar Principles and Practices  of Demand Management APICS in collaboration with APICS-Chicago
Presenter David Ross, PhD, CFPIM, CSCP, Senior Manager, Professional Development APICS
SEMINAR - APICS Principles and Practices  of Demand Management seminar is designed to assist beginning as well as experienced demand planners to acquire a firm understanding of the principles and functions of forecasting and customer and demand management. The seminar will provide an in-depth discussion of how effective forecasts are created and the various types of standard forecasting models available to today’s demand planner.
For more information, location, time Click Here

May 24, PDM APICS Chicago's Annual Executive Night
PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT MEETING - S&OP in Today's Supply Chain APICS Chicago's Annual Executive Night, will feature Supply Chain leader Douglas Kent, Managing Director, PwC's Advisory Practice, discussing S&OP as process and journey, and how S&OP forms the foundation for Integrated Business Planning and Decision Management. Please note: On 'Executive Night' - treat your boss to this PDM/Dinner. Call Kim Petit, Chapter Administrator, 630 338-7158 or email at and make arrangements to have your supervisor/manager attend this event as your guest...and ours - Bring your boss to dinner and we'll pick-up his/her tab.
For PDM EVENT information, times, directions to the Marriott Suites Deerfield, or to register Click Here

May 26, Seminar Supply Chain Risk Management APICS in collaboration with APICS-Chicago
SEMINAR - APICS Supply Chain Risk Management seminar provides participants with a glimpse of the global supply chain risk landscape. Definitions of risk management and new techniques and tactics to mitigate risk will be discussed, along with profiles of early adopters of risk management.
For more information, location, time Click Here

June 15, Seminar Principles of Sales & Operations Planning APICS in collaboration with APICS-Chicago
Presenter Anthony Zampello, CPIM, CIRM, CSCP
SEMINAR - APICS Principles of S&OP seminar provides managers and planners a comprehensive review of the principles and functions of S&OP. Attendees will participate in exercises and discussions on the elements of data collection, demand and supply planning, and conducting the pre- and executive S&OP meetings. The presenter will lead attendees through sales and marketing planning, resource requirements planning, distribution planning and more.
For more information, location, time Click Here

Check the Calendar of Events for Event Information and for Class and Event Dates and Times.

Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP)

APICS-Chicago offers Chapter Member pricing on Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) program classes to the Members of ISM Chicago and to the Members of the Greater APICS-Chicagoland Chapters: APICS-Fox River; APICS-Highlands; and APICS-Rock Valley. To receive the member rate, Members of ISM Chicago, APICS-Fox River, APICS-Highlands, and APICS-Rock Valley interested in registering need to contact the Chapter Administrator.

Computer Based Testing (CBT) for the Certified Supply Chain Professional's (CSCP) exam is now being offered through Pearson VUE under the auspices of APICS the Association for Operations Management.

While the CSCP Computer Based Testing (CBT) is administered by Pearson VUE, APICS has an eligibility requirement that must be satisfied in order to take the CSCP CBT exam. The process for becoming certified is as follows - To become a Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP): (1) you must complete an Eligibility Application and have the application approved; (2) register for the CSCP Exam; and (3) take and pass the CSCP Exam. To save yourself time and expense, please do NOT register for the exam until you are notified that you are eligible. This means that you should fill-out and submit your eligibility application as soon as possible.

You can Click Here to go to the APICS website CSCP  page, which has information on Eligibility and a link to the Eligibility Application.

The CSCP Course schedule has been planned to support the Computer Based Testing (CBT) Exam Window of:

  • March 19, 2016 - May 7, 2016

You can Click Here go go to Pearson VUE's website to schedule a date within the exam window for the CSCP Computer Based Test (CBT).

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CPIM Review Classes

Classes are offered throughout the year for
• Basics of Supply Chain Management
• Master Planning of Resources
• Detailed Scheduling and Planning
• Execution and Control of Operations
• Strategic Management of Resources
• and more

Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) Considerations:
 • Start or Continue toward a CPIM Click Here to view Course offerings.
 • Maintain your CPIM Certification Click Here to download CPIM Maintenance Bulletin with Journal and Application

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